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Elephant Quilted Range – Luxuriously Comfortable

Elephant Bean Bags have reached at a certain level of sophistication in the desire for comfort. The previous generation may never have imagined reclining on a comfy bean bag. Whereas today, an eight year old will have the best time of his/her life on a snugly bean bag playing his/her favourite video game. Whether you had an extremely tiring day at the office or had a difficult day with the children, these ridiculously comfy and outrageously stylish bean bags will relax your muscles in an almost magical way.

Elephant Bean Bags add vigour and colour to the life of your house. They have been specially designed to provide you the highest standard of quality comfort. Their rich and deep colours have an unmatchable attractiveness. These big, ultra-soft bean bags can be put anywhere in your house for aesthetic purposes; an excellent way to impress your guests. Some of Elephant’s products include the Elephant Jumbo Bean Bags, Elephant Junior Bean Bags, Elephant Cube, Elephant Kumo and much more -all of these with new and exciting designs and colours.
Elephant has introduced a new quilted range of bean bags. These have been designed with the most comfortable quilted faux leather to make your body relax in the most unimaginable ways. What’s more, they are stylish too! A great example of where luxury meets fashion – it doesn’t get any better than this. This sophisticated quilted range comes in Jumbo, Junior and Cube models. These quilted models will help your body unwind whenever, wherever you want. They are now available in black, gold, Merlot red and smoke grey providing you with incredible options. Let’s take a look at the three ranges separately.

Jumbo Elephant Quilted: Using soft nylon quilted material, the Elephant quilted jumbo is best for lying down and fully reclining in the most glamorous fashion. It exudes an air of fashion and style. Whether at a party or playing video games, this huge elephant quilt will come in handy.
Cube Elephant Quilted: This quilt defines luxury and comfort. Made from an amazing quality of quilt, this is a superb addition to your house. It is versatile and portable which makes it a superb choice for luxurious living.

Junior Elephant Quilted: Specifically designed for kids, this junior elephant quilt allows your restless child great comfort. This perfect seating solution makes the best use of your living space. Furthermore, it is portable so you can bring it along regardless of where you plan to go. This stylish quilt will be the coolest thing in your house.

Now with Elephant’s Quilted range, add colour and exuberance to your home’s living room or your office’s lounge. These amazing and exciting quilts will change the way you think about comfort. They will set new standards for stylish and luxurious living. All of these products are offered at special discounts. Decorate your house or office with the amazing range of quilted bean bags offered by Elephant.